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In Defence of Anarchism


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In Defense of Anarchism by Robert Paul Wolff is egarded as a classical work in anarchist scholarship. Wolff specifically defends individualist anarchism; the book is premised on the idea that individual autonomy and state authority are mutually exclusive and, as individual autonomy is inalienable, the moral legitimacy of the state thus collapses.

In Defense of Anarchism is premised on the idea that individual autonomy and state authority are mutually exclusive and, as individual autonomu is inalienable, the moral legitimacy of the state thus collapses.

Wolff arrives at the foreshadowed conclusion that because autonomy and the legitimacy of state power are incompatible, one must either embrace anarchism or surrender one's autonomy. Democracy, in this schema, is no better than dictatorship, a priori, as both require forsaking one's autonomy.


Wolff, Robert Paul: In Defense of Anarchism

Störtebeker Press 2015. 72 pages, paperback. New.


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