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Political Ecology: The Climate Crisis and a New Social Agenda


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The new and greatly expanded edition of the 1993 classic, Political Ecology: the Climate Crisis and a New Social Agenda explains the history of environmental politics and its prospects for the future. Ecological activists, Dimitri Roussopoulos argues, aim for more than protecting the environment; they call for new communities, new lifestyles, and a new way of doing politics. 

Political Ecology opens by presenting the history of the state management of the environment, then moves to an overview of the great variety of popular responses to the ecological crisis, before finally discussing the main political tendencies offered by the ecology movement. The concluding sections explore prospects for channelling environmentalist aspirations into political alternatives, demonstrating a set of social ecology-inspired successes and insisting on the central role of cities to developing social and ecological alternatives. Finally, a new afterword updates the work for a post-COP21 era by critiquing the limitations of the Paris Accord. 
Roussopoulos, Dimitri: Political Ecology - The CLimate Crisis and a New Social Agenda
Black Rose Books 2018. Revised and expanded edition. 224 pages, paperback. New.

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